Volunteer in Europe

Conserve the natural beauty and wildlife of the European continent, whilst discovering its diverse and unique cultural heritage.


Europe, the planet’s second smallest continent.    Image credit: d-maps.com.

The continent of Europe combines a wealth of cultures and beautiful landscapes, stretching from the rugged Atlantic coasts of Ireland and Portugal in the west to the remote Ural Mountains in the heart of Russia.  In between are some breathtaking natural wonders; visitors can view the midnight sun from the glacially carved landscapes of the Arctic or relax on the pristine beaches of the Cote d’Azur.  The second smallest continent, Europe is nearly surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and its many seas, including the Mediterranean Sea, which has been the centre of many ancient civilizations historically.  Despite their relatively small size and close political ties, each of Europe’s 50 countries possesses its own unique customs, food and traditions, meaning that visitors can experience a wide variety of cultures without having to travel huge distances.

Europe’s waters contain a wide variety of marine habitats and its Atlantic coastline is an important migratory corridor for numerous whale and dolphin species.  Its many sheltered bays and seas also provide ideal nurseries for many marine animals.  The continent is also a refuge for many endangered species, such as the Common Skate, White Skate and various species of sea turtles, making it an excellent location for discovering marine wildlife whilst participating on a marine conservation volunteering project.

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Santorini in Greece.     Photo Credit: leoks, Shutterstock

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