Volunteer in Africa

Discover and protect some of the spectacularly diverse marine ecosystems that can be found off the coasts of this vast and majestic continent!


Africa, the planet’s second largest continent.   Image credit: d-maps.com.

A diverse, evocative continent famed for its wildlife, Africa is one of the top destinations for wildlife enthusiasts.  It also has an incredible natural beauty that touches the soul.  Africa is not all about wildlife though.  With 54 immensely diverse countries, it is a veritable melting pot of cultures and traditions, including the pyramids of Egypt, the souks of North Africa and the ancient cultures of Ethiopia and West Africa.  For the outdoor enthusiast, there are great opportunities for trekking, including the great Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and the Atlas Mountain range in the North.  The coral reefs of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean are also renowned as a paradise for SCUBA divers.


A view of the majestic slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.   Photo credit: Michael Bednarek, Shutterstock

Africa’s terrain and habitats are incredibly varied, ranging from the arid sands of the Sahara to the lush tropical forests found to the south of this vast desert.  Although more famous for its iconic land based wildlife, Africa’s waters also host some of the world’s most pristine and spectacular marine ecosystems.  Bordered by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the continent’s coasts support a number of productive coral reef systems, along with a wide variety of dolphin, shark, whale and turtle species.

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Article content sources: Lonely Planet, IUCN Red List.