Shark Conservation in Belize


Photo credit: cbpix, Shutterstock.

Fast Facts
A project offered by:
Earthwatch Institute
Based in:South Water Caye or Glover's Reef, Belize
Working with:Reef Sharks

Activities including:Tagging sharks
Monitoring shark fishery

Price*:from £1795
Duration:from 8 days
*Please note that pricing may be subject to change (check with operator)

To protect sharks and their habitat, we need to know where they spend their time. This study is the first of its kind—while we have evidence that sharks do better in marine reserves, we have no idea how long a decimated population will take to recover in a brand-new reserve. That’s one of the insights that will come out of this research. The scientists are also looking for insight into how well Belize’s marine reserves foster sharks, so you’ll help implant transmitters in sharks to track where they go. Essentially, researchers will know marine reserves are working if sharks spend more time inside their borders than outside.

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