Recovery of the Great Barrier Reef


Photo credit: Richard Whitcombe, Shutterstock.

Fast Facts
A project offered by:
Earthwatch Institute
Based in:Orpheus Island, Australia
Working with:Coral reefs
Reef associated wildlife

Activities including:SCUBA diving
Coral reef survey

Price*:from £1775
Duration:from 8+ days
*Please note that pricing may be subject to change (check with operator)
Dive Australia’s Great Barrier Reef while helping Earthwatch scientists unravel the mystery of coral disease. Your work may be critical to protecting coral from disease.

By joining this expedition, you’ll be at the forefront of international research on coral reef disease. You’ll live at the Orpheus Island Research Station, operated by James Cook University—actually inside the borders of the World Heritage Area. Your involvement, which will require scuba and open-water dive skills as well as specific certifications, will help Earthwatch researchers to assess how the reef is recovering from recent cyclones, any seasonal changes that may be going on, and the impact of light, temperature, and water quality on disease progression.

Working at a variety of dive sites, you’ll conduct underwater surveys by tagging and photographing diseased areas, which will be monitored over time to assess the condition of the coral. In the aquarium, you’ll set up and conduct experiments that measure light, temperature, pH, and nutrients of the water.

Go to Turtle Island Restoration Network‘s website to find out more about this project.