Madagascar Marine Conservation & Diving

Volunteer on coral reefs in Madagascar!  Work with researchers to survey extensive areas of pristine coral!


A diver surveys a coral reef. Photo credit: Shutterstock, Rich Carey.

Fast Facts
A project offered by:
Based in:Nosy Be, Madagascar
Working with:Coral Reefs
Reef associated wildlife

Activities including:SCUBA diving and snorkelling surveys

Price*:from £895
Duration:from 1 week
*Please note that pricing may be subject to change (check with operator)

Volunteer on coral reefs in Madagascar and work with Frontier’s dedicated team of researchers.  You will discover and chart extensive areas of pristine coral, record the distribution of healthy fish populations and learn to identify a wide range of intertidal creatures, from tiny hermit crabs to colourful sea anemones. On intertidal surveys you will explore lush mangrove forests, the unique ecosystem which straddles the land and the ocean. You’ll learn how artisanal fishing communities live and utilise the rich marine resources. You’ll also see which groups of marine animals are being harvested sustainably and which populations are being over-exploited.  The results from your investigations will supply the information needed for sustainable management of natural resources in the region and the protection of marine wildlife in Madagascar.

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