Hawksbill Conservation Volunteer Program in Nicaragua


Take some time-out to team up with researchers and fieldworkers and get close to nature in a vibrant community on the Pacific coast of the Americas.  You will join a project site and experience the local culture while you make a hands-on contribution to Hawksbill Sea Turtle conservation.  Located on the northwest pacific coast of Nicaragua, the Estero Padre Ramos Nature Reserve is one of the most ecologically important natural areas in the country.  A large mangrove estuary surrounded by several … [Read more...]

Marine and National Park Volunteering on the Volcanic Island of St. Eustatius in the Caribbean


Volunteer in the Caribbean on the stunning island of St. Eustatius, and join the St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation, helping to protect and conserve their National and Marine Parks. During the turtle nesting season which runs from March to October, you may be assisting with night patrols on Zeelandia beach monitoring nesting sea turtles (not applicable for November to March groups).  Teams will be established and days rotated.  You will assist with gathering data from sea turtles that … [Read more...]

Critically Endangered Marine Turtles Conservation in Grenada


YWF-Kido Foundation, based at Kido Ecological Station in Carriacou Island and part of the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network, is looking for volunteers to participate in a Sea Turtle Monitoring and Tagging Program. Volunteers will actively participate in monitoring and collecting data on two critically endangered sea turtle species, Leatherback and Hawksbill, nesting on three different beaches on the island, helping protect them and their eggs or hatchlings. Duties and … [Read more...]

Hawksbill Conservation Volunteer Program in El Salvador


The Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative (ICAPO) is a unique charity dedicated to the protection of the critically endangered Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Sea Turtles and their habitats.  ICAPO manages community based-conservation projects along the American Pacific coast where turtles have been indiscriminately hunted and their eggs extracted for decades. ICAPO have been conducting a Hawksbill Sea Turtle conservation volunteering program at Bahia de Jiquilisco Biosphere Reserve, El Salvador. … [Read more...]

Help a Community-Based Sea Turtle Conservation Project on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica


The programme’s site at Río Oro beach offers volunteers the opportunity to protect one of the most significant nesting habitats on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Over 4000 Olive Ridley and Green sea turtles visit the beach each year, and the area is a untouched and secluded wilderness paradise! Volunteers are virtually guaranteed to see turtles nesting, and often they will see dozens during their stay. The Río Oro site is located on the unsealed road between Puerto Jiménez and Carate (the … [Read more...]

Caribbean Reef Conservation – Belize


The project’s primary objective is to encourage the Belizean Government to enforce preservation zones in the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve. The team carry out marine surveys, collecting data on the local fish & invertebrate population and this is submitted internationally to Reef Check headquarters for inclusion in global coral reef status reports, and locally to the Belizean Department of Fisheries. The volunteers’ primary role is to contribute towards the project's on-going surveys, … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation


The aim of the project is to help protect and preserve some natural nesting sites that do not hold an official category of protection from the Costa Rican Government.  Four different species of sea turtles frequent the Pacific coast of Costa Rica - Lora (Olive rRdley), Negra (Green Turtle), Carey (Hawksbill) and Baula (Leatherback Turtle). These species are in danger of extinction as a result of various human activities such as infrastructure development, light pollution, transportation of … [Read more...]

Tracking Sea Turtles in the Bahamas


  The Green Sea Turtle and the Hawksbill Sea Turtle are in trouble; both species are threatened with extinction.  Even though it is illegal to catch these species in Bahamian waters, conservation managers need to work towards protecting their habitats from coastal development and climate change in order to prevent further decline. On this top-notch conservation research project, you'll be helping marine biologists find out exactly where the sea turtle habitats are by snorkelling … [Read more...]

Marine Conservation Internship in the Seychelles


Learn how to survey coral reefs, work with sea turtles and monitor whale shark migrations through a marine conservation internship in the Seychelles. A marine conservation internship in the Seychelles is the sort of thing that marine biology graduates dream about!  On this fascinating work placement, you will join a research team and learn the skills required to survey coral reefs and turtles in the Indian Ocean.  You'll be working alongside a dedicated staff supervisor to ensure you … [Read more...]

Marine Conservation Expedition in the Seychelles


Travel to the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean as a a member of an expedition and work on critical marine conservation projects amongst the beautiful islands of the Seychelles.  You will contribute towards various conservation-related surveys aimed at providing data to the local government on coral reef research, invertebrate surveys, whale shark migration observations, in-water turtle surveys and turtle nesting research. Learn how to identify fish and coral in the Indian Ocean; visit … [Read more...]