Dolphin & Whale Research and Coastal Conservation Volunteer

Volunteer in South Africa with whales and dolphins along Kynsna’s beautiful coast!

Photo credit: Shutterstock, Sergey Popov V.
Fast Facts
A project offered by:
Africa Guide
Based in:Knysna, South Africa
Working with:Dolphins

Activities including:Whale and dolphin sightings
Data entry and analysis
Community based education and outreach

Duration:14 days
*Please note that pricing may be subject to change (check with operator)

Volunteer in South Africa with whales and dolphins on a community based research and conservation project in Kynsna!  Not only will you have the experience of working alongside an eco-tourism company in their efforts to study dolphin and whale populations, you’ll also have the chance to educate local children about sea life and the importance of conserving it.  You are likely to be assisting with a variety of tasks, including crewing and guiding on a licensed whale watching boat along the beautiful Kynsna Coast and recording daily sightings of whale and dolphin species.  Volunteers will also have the opportunity to teach children in the local community about marine wildlife, which may involve classroom based educational workshops as well as whale watching field excursions.

Go to Africa Guide’s website to find out more about this project.