Coral Communities in the Seychelles


Work on a coral reef conservation volunteering project in the Seychelles Tropical coral reefs are some of the most species-rich places in the world. They also protect land from ocean waves and provide food and income for the communities around them. But humans aren’t returning the favor: we overuse their resources and pollute their waters. These threats add to the potentially devastating impacts of rapid climate change, which could alter reefs to a point where they can no longer provide us … [Read more...]

Marine Conservation Internship in the Seychelles


Learn how to survey coral reefs, work with sea turtles and monitor whale shark migrations through a marine conservation internship in the Seychelles. A marine conservation internship in the Seychelles is the sort of thing that marine biology graduates dream about!  On this fascinating work placement, you will join a research team and learn the skills required to survey coral reefs and turtles in the Indian Ocean.  You'll be working alongside a dedicated staff supervisor to ensure you … [Read more...]

Marine Conservation Expedition in the Seychelles


Travel to the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean as a a member of an expedition and work on critical marine conservation projects amongst the beautiful islands of the Seychelles.  You will contribute towards various conservation-related surveys aimed at providing data to the local government on coral reef research, invertebrate surveys, whale shark migration observations, in-water turtle surveys and turtle nesting research. Learn how to identify fish and coral in the Indian Ocean; visit … [Read more...]