Bahamas Marine Conservation with Greenforce

Coral-Reef-Mushroom coral

On this engaging marine conservation volunteering project, you'll be trained by experienced scientists in how to carry out underwater marine surveys.  You'll also be learning about marine ecosystems and how to identify the animals that you'll see in the field, including invasive species.  Other learning activities will include finding out how to monitor marine movements as well as how to locate breeding and feeding grounds.  You'll need to be a capable diver in order for you to complete your … [Read more...]

Bahamas Marine Conservation with Gapforce


Help create UNESCO protected marine parks, assist local communities and teach conservation awareness in primary schools. Learn to dive, become a PADI Advanced Diver! As part of a team of Marine Research Assistants, you'll experience unforgettable diving, make a whole community of friends and help ensure that future generations will care for the reef and its long term survival. Don't just talk about conservation, come and make a positive impact! You'll be trained by experienced scientists … [Read more...]

Tracking Sea Turtles in the Bahamas


  The Green Sea Turtle and the Hawksbill Sea Turtle are in trouble; both species are threatened with extinction.  Even though it is illegal to catch these species in Bahamian waters, conservation managers need to work towards protecting their habitats from coastal development and climate change in order to prevent further decline. On this top-notch conservation research project, you'll be helping marine biologists find out exactly where the sea turtle habitats are by snorkelling … [Read more...]

Investigating Reefs and Marine Wildlife in the Bahamas


Tropical coral reefs are extremely important ecosystems. They harbour plant and animal biodiversity, and help to defend shores from storms and waves.  They also draw visitors to countries that rely on tourism.  But these benefits, known as ecosystem services, are currently under threat.  Many reefs, and the seagrass beds, mangrove creeks and patch reefs (small reefs in shallow water) that border them, are being impacted by climate change, overfishing and coastal development. How can we … [Read more...]