Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteering in Uruguay


Karumbé has been monitoring this foraging and developmental area of juvenile Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) for more than 13 years.  At this site, the volunteers will carry out research and conservation activities, getting quite in touch with the fishing community where the field station is settled.  Volunteers will be working shoulder to shoulder with the two researchers who will be coordinating the fieldwork, getting involved in all tasks included in the project work.  It is not necessary to … [Read more...]

Uruguay Sea Turtle Conservation


Three species of sea turtle live in the azure waters of Uruguay, where the juveniles come to forage and grow.  The area in which they are found is very precious in terms of biodiversity; some of the species that thrive here include Fransiscana and Bottlenose Dolphins, and consequently the area has been designated as a protected area.  This project involves important research that aims to conserve the sea turtles globally, by studying and protecting their feeding grounds, and observing their … [Read more...]

Colombia Marine Conservation & Diving


Through underwater SCUBA and snorkel surveys you will be monitoring coral, fish and benthic species as well as assessing biodiversity and ecosystem function, sustainable development, and life history of key coastal species. Diving under the supervision of a professional dive officer, you will become confident and comfortable underwater. Your results will help determine the biodiversity of these waters and help develop further marine park management plans and sustainable resource use within local … [Read more...]

Coastal and Marine Conservation in Ecuador

Releasing Baby Turtles to the Sea

You will be working with our partner a local NGO whose mission is the conservation of Ecuador’s marine ecosystems and resources. Our partner organization works under the guidelines of Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment (In Spanish, Ministerio del Ambiente del Ecuador – MAE). This joint work has allowed the achievement of important advances in terms of conservation.  By volunteering with this initiative, not only will you gain an invaluable experience, but you will also get to know yourself better … [Read more...]