Fiji Marine Conservation with Real Gap


Live life to the full on this exciting marine conservation project in the beautiful Yasawa region of Fiji, famous for its palm tree lined beaches, sparkling white sand and crystal clear water! Fiji's incredible marine environment is sadly becoming increasingly under threat.  As a volunteer you'll play a huge role in protecting this environment by helping to collect vital data, observing tropical fish species and conserving the stunning coral reefs.  You'll even be taking the plunge and going … [Read more...]

Volunteer With Dolphins in Bunbury, Western Australia


This project is based at a non-profit centre committed to dolphin research, education, conservation and tourism based in the South West Coast of Australia. The Centre enables people to interact with Bottlenose dolphins in a variety of ways. There are up to 100 dolphins living in the Bay and groups of them regularly visit the shallow waters in front of the Centre. The Centre was opened in 1994, and is the first Centre in Australia dedicated entirely to dolphin research. Being a volunteer at the … [Read more...]

Ulithi Atoll: Community Conservation Program


Since 2004 the Oceanic Society has been working with the community to study nesting green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) throughout the islands. Research has shown that Ulithi Atoll is home to one of the largest populations of nesting sea turtles in Micronesia, with approximately 1,000 turtles nesting annually. In 2011, the community of Falalop in Ulithi Atoll declared their intention to establish a locally-managed marine area, and requested assistance from Oceanic Society to develop scientific … [Read more...]

Fiji Marine Conservation with Greenforce


Join Gapforce Fiji, our volunteer marine survey group, and you'll soon find yourself living on a stunning South Pacific island being taught how to dive in the crystal blue Pacific Ocean. Spend your days diving on exquisite coral reefs collecting vital survey data with our Marine Biologists and help create a Seascape multi-use reserve in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Coral Reef Alliance. You will be trained to PADI Advanced Open Water level so that you can complete … [Read more...]

Shark Conservation Volunteer Project in Fiji


This project is perfect for anyone with a passion for marine wildlife and the great outdoors. The Fiji Shark Conservation Project offers you the chance to get up close to some of the most endangered and mis-understood animals in the world. Volunteers are welcome on a gap year, a career break, for university research, or even as an opportunity to experience a very different way of life! Working directly with the Fiji Shark Conservation Project, conducting the work of internationally renowned … [Read more...]

Fiji Marine Conservation & Diving


Volunteer on coral reefs in Fiji and observe the incredible wildlife that inhabits these diverse marine ecosystems! Run in association with the University of the South Pacific, the aim of the Frontier-Fiji Reef Conservation Project is to improve our understanding  of the marine resources of the island of Beqa.  The project also provides local communities with teaching and training so that they can make informed decisions about the management of their coastal ecosystems.  To achieve … [Read more...]

Eco Beach Turtle Conservation with Flatback Turtles in Australia

Play an active role in monitoring the local Flatback Turtle population during this rewarding travel experience. Located in the breathtaking natural surrounds of Eco Beach Resort, this scientific research program collects valuable data on nesting Flatback Turtles. With the guidance of Conservation Volunteers marine species research assistants, volunteers spend their time patrolling sections of the beach gathering scientific data on the species. There will also be time to relax and take in some of … [Read more...]