Underwater Pioneers: Studying & Protecting the Unique Coral Reefs of the Musandam Peninsula within Oman & UAE


This SCUBA diving citizen science expedition will take you to the United Arab Emirates and from there to the remote and mountainous Musandam peninsula of Oman. There you will study the diverse coral reefs fringing the areas where the mountains plunge into the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The reefs boast a rich mixture of beautiful corals and a multitude of fish and other animals. This pioneering study to map this unique underwater environment has already led to the creation of two … [Read more...]

Little and Large: Surveying and Safeguarding Coral Reefs & Whale Sharks of the Maldives Archipelago


The Maldives Marine Research Centre (MRC) of the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture identified a need for further research and monitoring work as far back as 1997. Biosphere Expeditions is addressing this need and is also working with Reef Check (RC) and the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) in order to provide vital data on reef health. Data from the coral reef surveys will be used at international, regional and national levels to provide a ‘status report’ on the health of Maldivian … [Read more...]

Sri Lanka Sea Turtle and Community Volunteers


Make sure you don't miss this stunning island on any visit to Asia!  Working on this project will enable you to help conserve and protect sea turtles in Sri Lanka and give them a better chance of survival. You’ll get involved with cleaning, feeding and releasing these adorable creatures as well as getting a real taste of local life working within the local community. You can lend a hand teaching conversational English that will help impoverished locals to earn more money and build a better … [Read more...]

Scuba Diving and Dive Resort Management Internship on Pulau Tiga Island in Malaysia


This is a Diving internship that includes learning to dive and assisting with the running of a dive centre on the paradise island of Pulau Tiga, the location of TV's "Survivor" Game Show. You'll gain experience of running a water sports centre and if you stay for three months, you can do a total of 60 dives as a prerequisite to the Dive Master Course. You'll assist the Dive Master in taking care of the dive centre, guiding and assisting new learners, handling customers enquiries, customer … [Read more...]

Philippines Reef Conservation Project – Southern Leyte


Volunteer on coral reefs in the Philippines and collect vital information on the health of a diverse marine ecosystem! Coral Cay Conservation has been operating in the Philippines since 1995; they moved to their current location in Southern Leyte in 2002. Since then the organisation has been working closely with project partners, the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation Inc. and the Provincial Government of Southern Leyte, to survey and monitor the coastal resources of … [Read more...]

Marine Conservation Volunteer – Thailand with Pod

Our Marine Conservation team is active on two fronts; surveying the reefs and collecting data in Koh Tao, as well as implementing a range of restoration projects and community engagement initiatives. They work in partnership with local government authorities and universities to provide data for key decision makers in marine conservation, coastal protection and fisheries in Thailand. In addition to the regular project focuses there may be special activities such as working with community … [Read more...]

Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme

Erratic Eric

Take part in a life-changing experience by volunteering with MWSRP. Volunteers are a crucial part of our research who aid in collecting baseline data on whale sharks and the marine environment, as a volunteer you vital for the success 0f the research and the organisation. Our programme offers you the opportunity to gets hands-on with the research and data collection, increase your knowledge on marine conservation, learn about local Maldivian culture, and have a great time doing it. Based on the … [Read more...]

Cambodia Marine Conservation NGO Internship


Cambodia’s coastal paradise is home to some of the most spectacular diving and gorgeous beaches in the world. The crystal clear waters host a wealth of marine habitats and wildlife, making this a perfect location to snorkel while exploring a magical underwater world. Cambodia’s coral reefs support a dazzling array of tropical reef fish and seahorses and provide rich feeding grounds for turtles, manta rays and a wealth of other marine creatures. The deep blue offshore waters support reef sharks … [Read more...]