South Africa Great White Shark Experience


With the world's shark populations becoming increasingly under threat and as a volunteer on this project you will play a pivotal role in observing and protecting these majestic creatures.  This is a very exciting program and not for the faint hearted!  You'll be getting up close to Great White Sharks, volunteering on a shark cage diving vessel and working alongside marine biologists conducting research on these fascinating creatures, their environment and other marine wildlife.  You might even … [Read more...]

Marine Research Internships with Whales & Dolphins, near Cape Town in South Africa


Our location offers significant opportunities for research as the ocean around Dyer Island is home to the most dense population of Great White Sharks.  Also, from July to December each year the bay is a vitally important breeding habitat for large numbers of the endangered Southern Right Whale.  The area is also home to populations of dolphins, as well as thousands of seals and seabirds.  Our conservation programmes offer unique year-round opportunities to work with many of these … [Read more...]

Conservation: Multi-Marine Project with Sharks, Whales and Dolphins, near Cape Town


Much emphasis is placed on observing behaviour and the interactions of sharks around the boat.  You will be taught how to get in and out of the cage and how to remain secure and safe in the cage.  You may have to record observations of the White Sharks.  This will include sex, size, markings and behaviour.  You might be asked to help fill in data sheets for the sharks they spot day to day.  Individual recognition of sharks is achieved through photographing dorsal fins, marks, scars and … [Read more...]

Conservation: The Great White Shark Project, near Cape Town in South Africa


The Shark Conservation organisation you'll work with is dedicated to the exploration and conservation of sharks and the preservation of their environment. Your work with them will help to gather accurate data on the white sharks to assist in management programmes for the ensured survival of the species. Your work will also help in their efforts to change negative public attitude towards sharks through awareness and education. When you arrive, you'll be given a lot of training before starting … [Read more...]

Madagascar Marine Conservation Expedition


From gap year students and university graduates to career breakers and retirees, our expeditions attract a diverse range of people from around the world, who share an interest in diving with the purpose of supporting our marine research and conservation work.  You will participate alongside Malagasy scholars who we support to allow them to join our expeditions and develop the skills and experience required to take a more active part in the conservation and management of Madagascar’s marine … [Read more...]

Coral Communities in the Seychelles


Work on a coral reef conservation volunteering project in the Seychelles Tropical coral reefs are some of the most species-rich places in the world. They also protect land from ocean waves and provide food and income for the communities around them. But humans aren’t returning the favor: we overuse their resources and pollute their waters. These threats add to the potentially devastating impacts of rapid climate change, which could alter reefs to a point where they can no longer provide us … [Read more...]

Marine Conservation Internship in the Seychelles


Learn how to survey coral reefs, work with sea turtles and monitor whale shark migrations through a marine conservation internship in the Seychelles. A marine conservation internship in the Seychelles is the sort of thing that marine biology graduates dream about!  On this fascinating work placement, you will join a research team and learn the skills required to survey coral reefs and turtles in the Indian Ocean.  You'll be working alongside a dedicated staff supervisor to ensure you … [Read more...]

Dolphin & Whale Research and Coastal Conservation Volunteer


Volunteer in South Africa with whales and dolphins along Kynsna's beautiful coast! Photo credit: Shutterstock, Sergey Popov V. Volunteer in South Africa with whales and dolphins on a community based research and conservation project in Kynsna!  Not only will you have the experience of working alongside an eco-tourism company in their efforts to study dolphin and whale populations, you'll also have the chance to educate local children about sea life and the importance of conserving it.  You … [Read more...]

Coastal Conservation and Education Project, South Africa


Volunteer in Plettenberg Bay as a wildlife conservation volunteer with whales, dolphins and seals!   Volunteer in Plettenberg Bay with marine wildlife including endangered species:  Coastal Conservation and Education Project's vision is to create a conservation model for Plettenberg Bay that ensures the sustained utilisation of marine and coastal resources through community involvement, management and research.  You will be assisting in boat and land based surveys where the data … [Read more...]

South African Penguins


Ninety percent of the penguin population on Robben Island has disappeared over the past 100 years. You can help conserve their habitat and protect their population. Robben Island is a hotspot for seabird biodiversity, including threatened bank cormorants, African black oystercatchers, and 15,000 African penguins. It lies in the middle of major shipping lanes, and the risk of oil spills to local seabirds has been well documented. You can help a team of Earthwatch scientists to monitor seabirds on … [Read more...]