Belize Marine Conservation & Diving


Photo Credit: Shutterstock, UnderTheSea.

Fast Facts
A project offered by:
Based in:Caye Caulker, Belize
Working with:Coral reefs
Reef associated wildlife
Seagrass beds
Activities including:SCUBA diving and snorkelling surveys

Price*:from £895
Duration:from 1 week
*Please note that pricing may be subject to change (check with operator)

Through marine SCUBA and snorkel surveys you will survey fish, benthic and commercially important invertebrate species using a number of common methodologies currently used in Belize plus taking part in simple community level assessments of these environments. Diving under the supervision of a lead scuba diver, you will become confident and comfortable underwater. Your results will determine the sheer biodiversity of these waters and help formulate long term, sustainable management plans to protect this sensational caye.

Other activities include surveying mangroves, a vital buffer against storm surges caused by cyclones, and an important part of the coastal ecosystem, opportunistic sightings of manatees and cetaceans, beach clean ups, forest restoration work and monthly surveys of conch and lobster

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