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Skate and Ray Conservation Projects


Marine Conservation Volunteering in Ireland

  Marine Dimensions’ short term marine conservation volunteering trips have been developed as an option for students, graduates and wildlife enthusiasts who would like to experience working in the field of marine conservation and environmental education. Designed to run over a period of one or two weeks, the placements include a wide range of activities, […]


Fiji Marine Conservation with Real Gap

Live life to the full on this exciting marine conservation project in the beautiful Yasawa region of Fiji, famous for its palm tree lined beaches, sparkling white sand and crystal clear water! Fiji’s incredible marine environment is sadly becoming increasingly under threat.  As a volunteer you’ll play a huge role in protecting this environment by […]

Featured Conservation Projects


Sea Turtle & Coastal Ecology Conservation Volunteer Projects in Mexico

Our Conservation & Environment Project in Mexico is in a unique location for volunteering abroad – right next to the ocean!  It offers you the chance to work alongside local experts on a variety of conservation and environmental projects.  You can get involved in protecting turtles, crocodiles and birds.  There are turtles all year round in Mexico, but the high season is from June to December, … Find out more

Great White Shark Project in South Africa

The Great White Shark Project is dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the world’s greatest predator, the Great White Shark, and its environment. The project works with students, eco-tourists, scientists, conservation organizations and marine resource users (subsistence fishermen, sport divers and dive operators) to gather data on Great White Sharks, correct negative misconceptions … Find out more

Humpback Fluke

Studying whales, dolphins and turtles around the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean

This expedition will take you to the Azores Archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to study whales, dolphins and loggerhead turtles. You will photograph whales and dolphins and record them for local and international monitoring databases as part of a small international team. You will listen to and make recordings of whale and dolphin vocalisations and capture loggerhead turtles in the … Find out more

Coral-Reef-Brain coral-Bahamas-

Marine Conservation Expedition in Mexico

Join this Marine Conservation Expedition in Mexico and travel to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and join forces with GVI’s marine conservation expedition, earn your PADI diving certificate while working on and monitoring the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world. The team works directly on monitoring the overall health of the reef and you will … Find out more

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