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Skate and Ray Conservation Projects


Marine Conservation Volunteering in Ireland

  Marine Dimensions’ short term marine conservation volunteering trips have been developed as an option for students, graduates and wildlife enthusiasts who would like to experience working in the field of marine conservation and environmental education. Designed to run over a period of one or two weeks, the placements include a wide range of activities, […]


Fiji Marine Conservation with Real Gap

Live life to the full on this exciting marine conservation project in the beautiful Yasawa region of Fiji, famous for its palm tree lined beaches, sparkling white sand and crystal clear water! Fiji’s incredible marine environment is sadly becoming increasingly under threat.  As a volunteer you’ll play a huge role in protecting this environment by […]

Featured Conservation Projects


Costa Rica Leatherback Volunteer Vacation

Spend 4 nights working with giant leatherback turtles at the Pacuare Research Station along the northern Caribbean coast. Patrol nesting beaches at night and relax and explore the rainforest during the day. The turtle work includes helping to measure the turtles, collect the eggs and move them to hatcheries, and working with hatchlings (June date). Spend the downtime hanging out on the beach or … Find out more


Marine Research Internships with Whales & Dolphins, near Cape Town in South Africa

Our location offers significant opportunities for research as the ocean around Dyer Island is home to the most dense population of Great White Sharks.  Also, from July to December each year the bay is a vitally important breeding habitat for large numbers of the endangered Southern Right Whale.  The area is also home to populations of dolphins, as well as thousands of seals and seabirds.  Our … Find out more


Researching Dolphin and Whale Behaviour in the Mediterranean

Since 1990 this project has been investigating the ecology and behaviour of cetaceans living in the Cetacean Sanctuary - a special marine protected area extending between Italy and France. The research focuses on the spectacularly large fin whale as well as on sperm whales, Risso’s dolphins, pilot whales, striped and bottlenose dolphins.  Cetacean volunteer researchers will be directly involved … Find out more


Tanzania Marine Conservation & Diving

Tanzania's colourful coral reefs support a dazzling array of tropical reef fishes and provide productive feeding grounds for sea turtles, rays and other marine wildlife.  Offshore waters support sharks, dolphins and other large marine megafauna, including whale sharks and big shoals of cruising pelagics.  Working as a conservation volunteer, you'll be diving and snorkelling to explore this … Find out more

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